The services provided by Lampard Restorations inc Strip 'N' Polish include:


Restoration - The process of restoring both Antique & Modern furniture to its former glory.


Stripping & Finishing - The removal of paints & varnish from wooden furniture & doors.


Local Collection & Delivery.

We use two differing approaches, depending on the nature of the furniture:


Restoration - The process of restoring a piece to its original condition, using additional materials. This is particularly good for modern furniture & some antique furniture.


Conservation - The process of conserving what remains from further deterioration. This can be preferable for antique furniture in the event of the customer not wanting a full restoration using modern materials due to the nature of the piece.

We use two different systems to strip furniture of unwanted paintwork & varnish. For the stripping & finishing of wooden doors & modern furniture that has been painted with oil based paints, the item goes into a hot caustic tank before being cleaned, neutralised and left to dry.


The neutralisation process prevents any future ‘bleeding’ of the caustic. Once the item is dry and has been rubbed down, it is ready for finishing.

For the stripping of varnished, lacquered & veneer pieces as well as the stripping of doors & furniture that have been painted with water based paints, we use the flow over system. This is a dry process for more delicate pieces.


We operate a one week turnaround, mainly for drying time, however, we are more than willing to meet our customers needs. A same day service is offered for all front doors, however we do ask that prior to having any doors stripped, any locks, handles, finger plates, hooks etc are removed.

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